Driving Lessons
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NOTE- Our standard lesson time is 1 FULL HOUR!
Sometimes driving schools quote a price per lesson, with a lesson being perhaps only 50 minutes. Bear in mind that with a full hour you are getting 20 PERCENT more tuition time per lesson over a 50 minute one!

Provisional Licence

Firstly you need to hold a PROVISIONAL DRIVING LICENCE in order to be able to take driving lessons on public roads.


If you're just starting to learn to drive, don't worry. Every driver on the road had to start at the beginning!

The first lesson will normally cover the cars controls, but should include the cockpit drill, starting the car, and a little basic driving too!

For new novice drivers we have a very special offer of your first 3 hours tuition at a greatly reduced rate (when paid in advance). These may be taken as 3 separate hourly lessons, or as 2 separate hour & a half lessons. [See prices]

One hour, one hour & a half, or two hours lessons- You choose!

Whilst we offer the traditional lesson length of 1 hour, many pupils choose longer lessons, to speed up the process of learning to drive. We highly recommend our 'hour & a half' lessons, particularly in the early stages, as it obviously gives more time, without the risk of becoming tired or 'overloaded'.

Our extended lessons work out more cost effective too! [See prices]

Block Booking Discounts

Simply pay in advance for a block of 5, 10, or 20 hours tuition to save money. The bigger the block the greater the saving! [See prices]

Motorway and Refresher Tuition for Full Licence holders

Perhaps you have never driven on a motorway since passing your test, or haven't driven for years. We offer both motorway and refresher tuition to holders of full driving licences. [See prices]