Pass Plus in Watford
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Pass Plus Courses in and around Watford, Herts, improve new drivers skills, and can save them money on their insurance.

The Pass Plus scheme, introduced in 1995, was designed by the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) to develop the attitudes and skills of newly qualified drivers of all ages.

The voluntary course can be taken at anytime within 1 year of passing the practical driving test and consists of 6 hours of tuition split into the following modules.

  • Town Driving

  • All Weather Driving

  • Out of Town and Rural Roads

  • Night Driving

  • Dual Carriageway Driving

  • Motorway Driving

Freedom School of Motoring typically offer the Pass Plus course in 3 lots of 2 hour sessions. Whilst most people taking Pass Plus with us, are our successful driving test pupils, we have taken, and will take pupils successfully through the course that have learned, and passed their test with other driving schools.

There is no further test to take, and upon successful completion of the course you receive a certificate which most insurance companies recognise in the form of discounts or accelarated No Claims Bonuses. The insurance discount available can often outway the cost of the course, so it's well worth considering a Passplus course, after you pass your practical driving test.

NOTE 2007- Many online insurance companies now ask if you have taken a PassPlus course regardless of your driving experience, so it could save you money now and far into the future too!

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