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The Theory Test was introduced in 1996, and replaced the 'highway code questions' at the end of the Practical test. You must pass the Theory Test before applying for your Practical Test, and you must take your Practical Test within 2 years of passing the Theory Test.

It is a multiple-choice test of 50 questions, 5 based on a case study (from late September 2009) on a simple touch screen.

You need to be well prepared for the Theory Test, as it carries a high pass mark of 43 out of 50.

In November 2002 the Hazard perception test was added to the theory test. This is a test of the candidates awareness of developing hazards in video clips. It is taken at the same time as the original multi-choice test. Scores are given between 0 and 5 for each developing hazard depending on the timing of your reaction. Most clips have one hazard, whilst some may have two. The pass mark is 44 marks out of a possible total of 75.

We offer integrated Theory and Hazard Perception Tuition within our driving lessons, but are happy to offer as much extra assistance that the individual pupil feels that they may need.

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You can try a mock Theory Test at the DSAs Website
Find the Watford Theory Test Centre.